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This is the new CD, written during the two years of Mike’s illness, up until his death in 2013.


Dewfall is inspired by the new translation of the Missal. It also includes songs for Confirmation.


Faith is a short CD with five unforgettable songs for everyone to enjoy.

“The life and death of each of us has its influence on others. This is not the story of a saint, but a husband and father, and perhaps some of the insights that Mike Stanley had during his time of illness, expressed in song, are an inspiration that suffering is part of our Christian calling. Everybody faces the end of their life in a different way. For Mike, it was spent quietly with his family through that time, and now publicly in the music that he reflected on, composed and recorded.” – Yvonne Stanley
“Mike’s music came from a place deep within him, but it radiated when he performed. His legacy is joy, his life a song, and his finest harmony – his family.” – David Wells