About Fisherman

About Fisherman (UK) Music

A little history…

Fisherman (UK) Music began in the late eighties when Mike produced two cassettes of solo material. He liked the name ‘Fisherman’ and it stuck!

During his illness, Mike’s music and faith gave him a focus and purpose, which has become a precious legacy.

This has resulted in Fisherman (UK) Music publishing three CDs so far – an astounding amount of work achieved in a relatively short time: a tribute to a life dedicated to music.

Continuing the work of Fisherman Music:

Firstly Andy and I have great admiration for Mike’s courage and dedication to his faith. He never stopped; he found the strength and it gave him a focus.

Secondly, his determination to see the CDs come to fruition. Two of them he lived to see, how his face lit up when he held the CD of Dewfall in his hands. One he sadly did not see – and I want to continue on this journey with that same determination! Yvonne Stanley

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