Yvonne Stanley

Mike & Yvonne Stanley

Yvonne Stanley, Director of Fisherman (UK) Music

Yvonne and Mike were married for 13 years and have 3 boys, Adam, Joseph and Luke.

Mike encouraged her to sing and her first recording debut was accompanying Mike on the first Soli House Youth Retreat Centre singing venture that was Lead Kindly Light (which is only available on cassette!). Following that, they often sang together at various functions & festivals, including events with the well-loved Midland comedian, Doug Parker and went on to form the Irish band Shenanigans.

Again, with Mike’s encouragement, Yvonne began studying British Sign Language after a career in nursing! She is now a level three BSL signer and has a lot of experience going into schools teaching BSL from preschool to year 6.

She has always worked closely with her late husband Mike Stanley and, through his broad knowledge and experience of liturgy and music, they often collaborated signing and liturgical music to enhance understanding and faith.

Many people have asked me throughout the long journey of Mike’s illness, and following his death last year, ‘ I don’t know how you do it’. Well I think if Mike were here he would agree that a journey like that has a profound effect on you… Your perspectives alter, your views change and, for me, just being with Mike all that time, seeing him pray, write, sing, perform, record and just generally keeping that beautiful smile helped me to strengthen my faith…      (Yvonne Stanley)