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Dewfall is a collection of contemporary liturgical songs that had three significant influences; the first was a time of illness which afforded me space to pray, meditate, read and write. Secondly it was influenced by many hours spent discussing and researching the Revised Translation of the Roman Missal as a member of the Bishops Conference Liturgical Formation Sub-Committee. Finally, as they say there is no better teacher than experience, so the many years of planning and leading liturgy within CJM Music (alongside Jo Boyce) has helped me to hone the songs into something that could be useful in a liturgical framework or for personal reflection and growth. I hope you find it uplifting. (Mike Stanley)

On this CD:

1. Like the Dewfall

2. Joy of the Holy Spirit

3. The Centurion’s Song

4. Hallelujah

5. Hail Mary

6. Holy Spirit Come

7. Veni Sancte Spiritus

8. Ascended

9. Majestic

10. The Dance

11. O Marie

12. Power of Your Name

13. You Alone