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Grace was released on Monday 26th May 2014 in Lourdes

This new CD was written during the two years of Mike’s illness, up until his death in June 2013.

Grace is Mike Stanley’s third CD following Faith and Dewfall.

This album, inspired by many of the Church’s liturgical texts, is distinctly reflective and prayerful. Many of the songs were completed just weeks before Mike’s death, and reflect the final stage of his journey from learning that treatment was no longer viable to the realisation that he was soon to leave us. His inspiration stemmed from his love of liturgy and reading the Gospel.

Mike would have wanted people to feel comfort from and inspiration from Grace. He wrote in the song Belong, ‘… in my song a belief, in my language a prayer… a singer’s hopeful words, sung to a heavenly air…’

Mike’s faith never wavered in his belief in everlasting life in God’s Heavenly Kingdom. He felt touched by God’s Grace throughout his life and used that gift to uplift, inspire and help people in their spiritual growth. Grace is his gift to you…

On this CD:

1. Grace

2. We Will Remember (Eucharist version)

3. Sacrament of Love

4. Father you are Here

5. Prodigal’s Return

6. Lord we Confess

7. Song for Night Prayer

8. Sing Over Us

9. What Pleases the Lord (A penitential reflection)

10. Belong

11. Springs of Water

12. We Will Remember (Armistice version)

13. Litany of Saints