“Working professionally with Mike through CJM since the age of 9 and also having him as a personal friend and father figure was indeed a great joy and privilege.
Mike was, and continues to be one of the most inspiring people I know.
His love of music and deep faith helped to develop my own faith, and I know it wouldn’t be as strong as it is, if it weren’t for his influence. His skill and talent for song writing and composure was incredible. He could take one line of Scripture and turn it into the most beautiful song. I regularly listen to his music on my iPod and cant help but feel uplifted and also happy at the many memories we shared. I had such a special relationship with Mike, and its one that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life…”

Hannah Kelly

“I work with children from nursery age up to Year 13 (age 18). It is always a bonus to find music that works across this rather wide spectrum. I have been using Mike’s music in my work for as long as I can remember, but more recently , I have been using songs from his most recent album, ‘Grace’.
If KS1 children (aged 4-7) can learn the tune & the words to a song, that is just as appealing and meaningful to adults, then it’s a winner! The beautiful melody & simple, yet profound words of ‘Father you are here’ makes worshipping together a real joy. The children fall in love with this song instantly and bring life to it through their singing and signing”

Emily Clark, Lay Chaplain

“Mike has brought much blessing to people all over the world through his music, worship, and love for God.
I also have a personal reason to feel particularly blessed. I was one of his teachers at primary school and started him playing the guitar, teaching him his first chords, when he was about 9 or 10 years old.
In later years, as I saw him grow and develop in his music ministry, touching so many lives, it gave me so much joy to know I had played a small part in the work he did for the Lord.
The quality and beauty of his music, and the depth of his worship has been an inspiration to us all”

June McDearmid

“For anyone teaching Faith, Mike’s music is a gift.
Mike’s genius was his understanding of the liturgy and scripture, so much of his
music can fit in with faith teaching. If you are teaching a lesson on scripture,
one of my personal favourites is ‘I am the voice’ which tells the story of John
the Baptist, Mike tells the gospel story beautifully. Mike’s music brings faith
lessons alive, his music puts colour and emotion into lessons. The children love
to sing along but they also love listening and meditating , On the album
Dewfall, they love ‘Joy of the Holy Spirit’, the lyrics are so easy for them to
pick up, it feels like it’s a song you’ve always known, and quickly became one
of their favourites.”

(Year 5, Teaching Assistant)